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National Property Tax Group (NPTG) is a network of regionally specialized real estate property tax consulting firms, founded in 1992. NPTG represents clients throughout the US and Canada. This enables its members to utilize the expertise of other member firms on a local, statewide, regional and national level, thereby creating a complete solution for clients who own real estate throughout the country.

Property tax reductions are won at the local level – we partner with trusted firms, who are experts in their local markets, as we are. This gives us a competitive advantage, as opposed to national firms who are not familiar with local officials and local real tax assessments. As our customers expand their operations, we can leverage our NAPTAG network to support customers with expert knowledge of local tax laws, regulations and contacts. Realty Tax Challenge Corporation is able to serve as our customers’ main point of contact. This allows us to manage the workflow for all respective regions, providing a one-stop national property tax solution and consistent communication for all of our client’s properties, regardless of the number of properties or where they are located. NPTG ensures that all of our clients receive the best possible representation by local firms for all their property tax appeals.

National Property Tax Group (NPTG) Member Firms…

  • All have more than 20 years’ experience negotiating property taxes and representing property owners in their tax appeals

  • All have long-standing, deep-rooted appraisal relationships within the markets that they serve

  • All are working together for each member firm’s respective clients to ensure that they are paying the lowest possible property taxes

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