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The undersigned (Client) being an aggrieved person within the meaning of the Real Property Tax Law, (RPTL) or an officer or partner of such aggrieved person, hereby retains and authorizes Realty Tax Challenge (RTC) and/or any attorney engaged in connection herewith, to act as agent for all years in which proceedings have been initiated, protests filed or settlements negotiated. It is specifically understood that RTC is authorized, as agent, to engage counsel (at RTC’s expense) to represent Client in any judicial proceedings and to perform all legal work as necessary. RTC and/or the attorneys engaged in connection herewith are specifically authorized to:

1. Make and serve a statement (also known as a grievance, complaint, or protest) pursuant to Section 512(1) and 524 of the RPTL, specifying the respect in which the assessment of the property listed below is excessive, unequal, unlawful or misclassified.

2. Verify, serve and file a petition for review of real property assessment pursuant to Article 7 of the RPTL.

3. Represent the undersigned in all proceedings before the Board of Assessment Review, Tax Commission and Supreme Court, State of New York, and all appeals there from.

4. Execute any and all documents pertaining to the reduction of said assessment, negotiate directly with the assessors prior to and after the issuance of any tax roll, to represent Client in revaluation hearings, and initiate and pursue claims for any resulting tax refund for all tax years filed until all proceedings are concluded.

In consideration of the services rendered and to be rendered, Client hereby agrees to pay a fee of thirty three and one-third (33-1/3%) percent of the refunds and/or tax savings for all years grieved, litigated, or settled. Fees shall be based on the reduction in actual assessed value multiplied by the tax rates effective in the tax years subject to assessment reduction, and in the case of the last year settled, the latest tax rate issued. In the event RTC advances any third-party fees which Client has authorized, such fees will be reimbursed to RTC.

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