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Our Services

At Realty Tax Challenge, we are experts in assisting commercial property owners in New York with:

Commercial Property Tax Grievances and Appeals – We handle commercial, industrial and multi-family property tax grievances.

We cover all of NY State, so if you own a commercial property in NY State – whether it is an office building, assisted living or nursing home, a shopping center, hotel, warehouses or industrial buildings, we can help to get your real estate property taxes reduced.

*Please note that we are experts in commercial properties, and we handle those exclusively. We do not work with single-family residential properties.

We can also help with:

Reduction of real property tax assessments

Eminent domain disputes

Obtaining commercial real estate tax refunds

Information on tax abatement and tax exemptions

Determining the value of your NY commercial property or real estate portfolio

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Our Experience

For over 22 years, Realty Tax Challenge has helped NY State commercial property owners reduce their real estate taxes.

We have achieved over $50 million in real estate reductions. More About Us

What does it cost?

As incredible as it may sound the service effectively costs nothing. Our fee is tied directly to results and we only charge a fee where we have achieved a refund or an actual reduction in real property tax burden. Therefore, the fee comes out of the results, not out of your pocket. The billing only takes place when you have actually realized the benefit on your tax bill or you have received the refund.

The Process

If you’re ready to get started, please fill out this form to begin the process.
 If you have any questions or prefer to speak over the phone, call us at 914-348-9473.

Details on each step of the process can be found on our Property Tax Grievance Process page.


Will my taxes go up as a result of the grievance process?
Your taxes will never be increased as a result of your filing a grievance. They can only go down.

How long will this process take?
If we are able to reduce the assessment at the administrative level, your reduction could come within a year to 18 months. However, it may take longer in some instances when we must move for judicial intervention.

Will I have to appear in court?
It is not necessary for you to appear in court. We make every attempt to lower your taxes at the administrative level. However, if a legal proceeding is commenced on your behalf, you will never have to appear in court. We handle everything for you.

Are there any fees I should know about?
There are no fees due unless we receive a reduction of your assessment.

Will the value of my property go down?
Absolutely not. Quite the opposite. Your value will increase if there is a grievance in place and if your tax assessment is lowered.

What happens if I miss the deadline?
If you miss the deadline, you lose that tax year. You can never file retroactively. So it is important to make sure that you don’t miss the date!

Areas We Cover

We serve all of NY State, including: Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County and Dutchess County. Tax grievance deadlines are available here.

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