Success Stories

We have a long history of customer success stories successfully filing tax grievances in NY and achieving huge reductions and property tax refunds. Here are a few testimonials and examples of our successes.

What does it cost?

As incredible as it may sound the service effectively costs nothing. Our fee is tied directly to results and we only charge a fee where we have achieved a refund or an actual reduction in real property tax burden. Therefore, the fee comes out of the results, not out of your pocket. The billing only takes place when you have actually realized the benefit on your tax bill or you have received the refund..

RTC are a very competent and experienced group of people and know their business. Property taxes in Suffolk County are very high and the process of challenging the Assessed Values on which those taxes are based is quite convoluted. RTC knows that process and helped me gather the evidence needed to present to the Dept of Assessment and convince them that my property was over assessed. My refund and tax savings were significant. RTC comes well recommended.

Tax rates are very high on Long Island and the only way to pay less tax is by lowering the assessed values. Our property tax bills are in the millions of dollars each year. Through RTC’s efforts, we have received refunds that were truly impressive. It took a few years, but the thoroughness of their preparation and the persuasiveness of their arguments proved successful. I would recommend RTC’s services to any property owner.

Realty Tax Challenge has been professional, organized and as caring about our account as any customer can ask. They have put maximum effort into each tax challenge we have made with them.

I was happily astounded with the size of my property tax refund check due to the fine and professional work of RTC. I would highly recommend your company to anybody who is interested in having their real estate taxes reduced. I am sure that RTC will do the same professional work for other people as they have done for us.

When I met with Realty Tax Challenge, our assessment challenge had been with another firm for several years without any progress. RTC was confident significant results would be achieved within 36 months. The case did settle within this time – I recently received a substantial refund check. RTC was prompt in responding to my questions and easy to work with. I am quite pleased with the results they achieved and I commend them on their efficiency and professionalism.

Realty Tax Challenge successfully filed a tax grievance for a Westchester nursing home which resulted in a 63% reduction in assessment and a tax refund of over $1.1 million.

Realty Tax Challenge was able to achieve a 50% reduction and property tax refund of over $300,000 for a suburban self-storage facility, by separating business value from real estate value.

Realty Tax Challenge represented a large hotel. The tax assessor used a valuation model that did not identify nor quantify depreciation and obsolescence. RTC detailed the fee simple value based on all physical, functional and economic obsolescence. The assessor accepted the analysis and SUBSTANTIALLY reduced the valuation.

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