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Our Firm

Since 1995 Realty Tax Challenge has assisted commercial property owners in New York with the reduction of their real estate taxes. We have achieved over $100 million in real estate tax savings for our clients. We represent large companies such as Newsday/Times Mirror, Pepsi, Hilton Hotels, Ford Motor; CVS, Goodyear Tire, IHOP, as well as large real estate owners including First Allied REIT and Wharton Properties. Realty Tax Challenge is the premier valuation expert in the field of real estate tax reduction. In addition, we can also help you obtain economic incentives, as well as represent you in Eminent Domain proceedings.

Our Expertise

Our multidisciplinary, highly trained staff are the foremost valuation experts in the commercial property tax reduction industry. As property managers and real estate developers with decades of experience, we know how to successfully contest inaccurate assessments and understand that it is key to maximizing the return on your investments.

RTC maintains contact with clients throughout the property tax grievance process and beyond, to reduce over-assessment and help stay ahead of future increases in property taxes.

Our Advantage

No out of pocket cost

You have nothing to lose by filing. There is NO FEE until we have obtained a successful reduction. The fee is taken out of your return. It is always worth it to have your taxes professionally grieved.


Our property tax agents will keep you updated every step of the way. We will keep you informed of commercial real estate grievance filing dates, and will walk you through the process. We let you know what your refund will be and keep you apprised of the status.


Our 25-plus years of commercial real estate experience provides us with expertise in valuing your property, which allows us to help you obtain the highest reductions.

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