Economic Incentives

Economic Incentives

With the current economic climate as it is and the level of taxation, taking advantage of tax incentives and controlling your real estate taxes may determine the very financial success or failure of a project and will certainly affect your operating income. Realty Tax Challenge works together with their clients from the beginning to the end of the process to ensure that you obtain the maximum tax incentive and/or relief and best financial opportunity available for you. We are determined to provide you with the best possible customer service throughout the process and remind you that there is no cost to you for engaging our services; only if we win for you. Our expertise, experience and time is dedicated and committed to your securing all of the benefits available to you.

How Do I Get Started?

  • We first prepare a formal assessment to ascertain your eligibility and the type of Incentive program that would provide the maximum reduction in cost for you; then

  • We provide you with our strategy and a timetable that outlines the pathway to securing the optimum benefit; then

  • We organize and submit application(s), with all necessary supporting documents, to the appropriate agencies and/or municipalities; then

  • We monitor and track all submissions in an effort to expedite approval; then

  • We advocate on your behalf at all required meetings that are part of the process; then

  • We monitor and report on your application status and any program changes; then

  • We inform you as to any and all benefits which become available and when and coordinate your receipt; and finally

  • We perform all necessary administrative follow up, post-award, to ensure compliance, and continuation of benefits and/or re-certification of benefits over the life of the program

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