Westchester County Property Tax Grievance

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Westchester County Property Tax Grievance Process & Deadlines

 Grievance Deadlines:

June 16, 2020 – Most Westchester towns & cities
February 18, 2020 – Most Westchester villages

*See below for detailed deadlines

Do you want to grieve your commercial property taxes in Westchester County but are not sure where to start? Here is all the information you need!

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Realty Tax Challenge can help you grieve your Westchester Property Tax Assessment to achieve real estate tax reductions and potentially a tax refund. Our highly experienced staff has been helping NY State commercial property owners reduce their real estate taxes every day for the last 22 years. We are the best and most knowledgeable in the business at understanding real property values, and have achieved over $50 million in real estate reductions for our clients.

A no-cost consultation will determine whether your commercial property has been over-assessed and whether you are paying too much in property taxes. You could be paying an imbalanced share of the tax burden, which is NOT FAIR.

Some factors that you may not realize can affect assessments:

  • Have the rents in your building or surrounding areas gone down, while vacancy rents increased? Is the Market Value that appears on your tax bill higher than the amount you could realistically sell your property for?

  • Does your roof need replacing or your parking lot need repaving? Is your parking lot well-lit? Are your HVAC units old and inefficient?

  • How is your 15,000 square foot supermarket competing against the “Big Box” stores? How does your self-storage facility compete with the drive-in, climate controlled national chains?

If you feel your Westchester County commercial property is over-assessed, the next step is to lower your assessment. By lowering your assessment, this will enable you to lower your property taxes. Working with an experienced consultant like Realty Tax Challenge is the best way to increase the likelihood of success.

Any person who pays commercial property taxes in Westchester County can grieve an assessment, including:

  • property owners

  • contract vendees

  • tenants who are required to pay all of the property taxes pursuant to a lease or written agreement

If you miss the deadline for filing of the grievance, you cannot file for that year. However, we can help you to determine if you have any open prior tax years. If so, we can take over those tax years and negotiate them along with the current year for a tax refund. You must file by the deadline or you lose your chance to save money! NOT challenging your taxes can cost you thousands of dollars lost a year.

There is no upfront fee to grieve your Westchester county property taxes through Realty Tax Challenge (“RTC”). Once we have obtained a successful reduction, our fee is taken out of your return so there is nothing to lose:

  • Property tax rates in New York, especially in Westchester County, are some of the highest in the nation!

  • Your taxes will never be increased as a result of your filing a grievance. They can only go down. It is actually against New York State law for taxes to be raised due to a grievance filing.

  • The value of your property WILL NOT go down, your value will increase if your tax assessment is lowered.

  • It is always worth it to have RTC professionally grieve your Westchester County property taxes. There is NO FEE until we have obtained a successful reduction, so we will make sure you get the best reduction possible!

  • We handle the full process for you – from filing the initial application, submission of all supporting documents and any required appearances before the Town’s Board of Assessment Review (“BAR”).

  • Even if you have been denied previously, it has no impact on a new grievance application. Comparable values change each and every year, so you should file an appeal annually.

If you own commercial property in New York State, you are eligible for formal review of your assessment. Commercial properties include office buildings, warehouses, hotels and motels, funeral homes, malls and department stores, supermarkets, Big Box stores, retirement and assisted living communities, hospitals, self-storage facilities, golf clubs, country clubs, movie theaters, recreational facilities, auto dealerships and more.

We handle the filing of tax grievances on behalf of businesses and corporations throughout Westchester County, including Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Peekskill, Rye, Bedford, Cortlandt, Buchanan, Croton-on-Hudson, Eastchester, Bronxville, Tuckahoe, Greenburgh, Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington, Tarrytown, Harrison, Lewisboro, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Mount Kisco, Mount Pleasant, Briarcliff Manor, Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow, New Castle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Briarcliff Manor, Pelham, Pelham Manor, Pound Ridge, Rye, Mamaroneck, Port Chester, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, Somers, Yorktown.

RTC will review your property to determine the value of your real estate portfolio, walk you through the commercial real estate grievance filing process, and keep you updated every step of the way.

  • Step 1: Find out what the assessor’s estimate of the market value of your property is by going here: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/assess/local/index.htm

  • Check your assessment every year prior to the appeal deadline

  • Step 2: Let RTC, experts at understanding real property values in Westchester County, obtain the highest reductions for you.

  • Step 3: After our evaluation of your properties, if it appears that you are over-assessed, our office shall submit a grievance application on your behalf and begin the process of reducing your taxes. Assessors do not determine your Westchester property taxes, they can only assist with helping to assess the value of your property. If you find that your property’s actual value is lower than the assessed value that the town or municipality has given you, you will need to go before the assessor and the assessment review commission. You file your grievance and try to get a reduction based on that filing. If that is denied, your remedy for that is to file an Article 7 petition, which needs to be filed within 30 days after the final roll is published.

Filing a grievance and challenging your property tax assessment is a process called tax certiorari. There are two levels of formal review:

  • Administrative review – the “grievance” process is conducted at the municipal level with the Town Assessor and Board of Assessment Review.

  • Judicial review – the “petition” is a legal proceeding filed with the Westchester Supreme Court – in order to pursue judicial review, you must first go through administrative review process.

When you work with Realty Tax Challenge, we will guide you through the complete process. After providing the initial set of basic details, you can just relax and wait for us to update you on the status of your application. Once we have successfully obtained your Westchester County commercial property tax reduction, we work to obtain the refund of the overpaid taxes and ensure that the property tax bills are correct.

In Westchester County, once you have received your assessment, if you would like to grieve your taxes, for most towns and cities the deadline to appeal is June 16, 2020, and for most Westchester villages, the grievance deadline is February 28, 2020. Below are the specific deadlines for each Westchester city, town and village.*

* All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified with your local assessor to check the deadline for filing a grievance.

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  • Ardsley, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Bedford: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Bronxville, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Buchanan, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Cortlandt: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Croton- on- Hudson, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Dobbs Ferry, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Eastchester: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Elmsford, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Greenburgh: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Harrison: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Hastings-on-Hudson, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Irvington, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Lewisboro: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Larchmont, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Mamaroneck: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Mamaroneck, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Mount Kisco: 3rd Tuesday- in June

  • Mount Kisco, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Mount Pleasant: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Mount Vernon: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • New Castle: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • New Rochelle: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • North Castle: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • North Salem: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Ossining: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Peekskill: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Pelham: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Pleasantville, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Pound Ridge: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Rye: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Scarsdale: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Sleepy Hollow, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Somers: 3rd Tuesday in June

  • Tarrytown, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • Tuckahoe, Village of: 3rd Tuesday in February

  • White Plains: January 21st

  • Yonkers: November 15th

  • Yorktown: 3rd Tuesday in June

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Contesting Your Assessment in New York State

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