How a Property Tax Reduction Benefits Your Business

A property tax reduction increases your profitability! That should be reason enough to see if your commercial property qualifies for a reduction.

It’s a challenge and it’s best hire team of professional to get the job done. Our goal is to maximize your property tax savings, while minimizing the effort you make in order to secure it.

At Realty Tax Challenge we act as your personal property tax manager and administrator. First we will determine if you are over-assessed. Determining if a property is over-assessed requires a level of expertise that even most experienced property owners and decision makers often do not have.

  • We carefully review and evaluate your real property assessment – and the details of your property – to determine if tax appeal proceedings should be initiated.
  • If we conclude that the property does not warrant an appeal at this time, we will monitor the assessments – both on their own and against the dynamics of the local market.
  • When an appeal becomes warranted, we will notify you.If an appeal is indicated, we take the lead in bringing it forward.

    How much does it cost? Our services cost you nothing!

    We work on a contingency. Our fee is tied directly to results and we only receive remuneration after we achieve a refund for you or deliver you tax savings. Yes, we get paid……but not out of your pocket, rather out of the savings and refunds our efforts produce.

    Here at Realty Tax Challenge, we are experts in commercial property tax reduction in NY. For over 22 years, we have helped NY State commercial property owners reduce their real estate taxes. We have achieved over $50 million in real estate reductions. Learn About Us.

    Call us today to speak with a tax assessment specialist at 914-348-9473 or contact us!

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