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Since 1995 Realty Tax Challenge has assisted commercial property owners in the reduction of their real estate taxes. We have achieved over $50 million in real estate tax reductions. We represent large companies such as Newsday/ Times Mirror, Pepsi, Hilton Hotels, Ford Motor; CVS, Goodyear Tire, IHOP, as well as large real estate owners including First Allied Reit and Wharton Properties. RTC is the premier valuation expert in the field of real estate tax reduction. In addition we can also help you obtain economic incentives, as well as represent you in Eminent Domain proceedings.

Let us put our expertise to work for you. Whether you need to reduce your taxes, a determination of the value of your real estate portfolio, information regarding tax abatements and/or exemptions which may be available to you or assistance in responding to an eminent domain claim, Realty Tax Challenge (RTC) will provide the best possible services.

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